My Role ︎ Concepting, Art Direction, Illustration.

We came up with a humorous campaign to promote Sanofi's cough medicine Bisolvon and continue to educate people on proper coughing etiquette. In the mischievous and striking visual, people can mistakenly interpret when you cough the wrong way. So, if you don't want to be judged, use your elbows or one of Sanofi's cough syrups to solve the problem.

Selected by Lürzer's Archive 2-2022

            CCO: Dennis MayAlexander Reiss | ECD: Christian Anhut | CD: Fabiano Oliveira | AD: Bruno Kadesh ✌🏻 | CW: Gustavo Neves | Photography: Polas Fotografia (Alex Takaki, Lucas Tintori and Rodrigo Westphal)