Hi, I'm Bruno

but people call me Kadesh.

                             Creative Art Director currently working at Saatchi & Saatchi Germany.

Past ︎

Proximity Germany
Leo Burnett Italy
GREY Brazil
Leo Burnett Tailor Made
LOV | Dentsu

My Role ︎ Concepting & Art Direction.

With an integrated campaign, Downy (Lenor in Europe) gave voice to it's consumers and brought to life their real essences. A man who's essence is his family, a ballerina who's essence is her strength and an older woman who's essence is the new.

CCO: Rodrigo Jatene | ECD: Mariangela Silvani | AD: Bruno Kadesh | CW: Julia Mota | Photo: Bruna Castanheira + Lightfarm

My Role ︎ Concepting, Art Direction, Illustration.

We came up with a humorous campaign to promote Sanofi's cough medicine Bisolvon and continue to educate people on proper coughing etiquette. In the mischievous and striking visual, people can mistakenly interpret when you cough the wrong way. So, if you don't want to be judged, use your elbows or one of Sanofi's cough syrups to solve the problem.

Selected by Lürzer's Archive 2-2022

CCO: Dennis May, Alexander Reiss | ECD: Christian Anhut | CD: Fabiano Oliveira | AD: Bruno Kadesh | CW: Gustavo Neves | Photography: Polas Fotografia (Alex Takaki, Lucas Tintori and Rodrigo Westphal)

My Role ︎ Concepting, Art Direction & Illustration.

On brazilian Valentine's Day we've create a campaign for Reserva, one of the most desired male retail store in Brazil. We've invited consumers to free the love inside them no matter their gender. Using different techniques including spray paint, scanner manipulation and photography, we handcrafted each poster that later became t-shirts, mugs and other products.

CCO: Rodrigo Jatene | ECD: Adriano Matos | CD: Bruno Brux | AD: Bruno Kadesh, Gustavo Zordan | CW: Julia Mota

My Role ︎ Concepting, Art Direction, Illustration & Typography.

Bike seats, the air conditioner and seat belts were all designed by a patriarchy society that excluded women from it's creations. Gillette Venus wanted to show that having a product designed with women in mind #MakesAllTheDifference

CCO: Rodrigo Jatene | ECD: Mariangela Silvani, Beta Harada | AD: Bruno Kadesh, Tiago Pinheiro | CW: Julia Mota | Director: Mari Cobra